Stump Removal

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When a tree has been cut down, a stump is often left behind. Redundant tree stumps can be both unsightly and dangerous. In addition the tree’s remaining root system can be removing nourishment from the immediate ground. As tree stumps decay, they attract various insects and can cause infections to other trees in the location and your lawn. Therefore you are much better off removing these tree stumps as soon as possible. Our stump grinder process can help you get rid of that unsightly leftover.

Our Stump Removal Process Makes Your Lawn More Attractive!

Once a tree stump has been removed, it will not only make your lawn more attractive, but it will also free up space for you to plant other plants, or even to replant a new tree.

Tree stump removal is quite complicated and can be dangerous and damaging to your ground if not carried out correctly.  Peachtree Tree Service will use special equipment to dislocate the stump from your property, and will always adhere to the most strict of safety standards. Peachtree Tree Service has vast experience and knowledge in tree stump removal, so feel free to turn to us for advice! Why not take advantage of the most professional tree service company in the Atlanta area. We always provide the best solution according to the individual clients’ specifics. For Peachtree Tree Service safety comes first!

When your stump is removed, we are happy to grind it up so you can make use of the stump’s chips  to help keep down weeds, or we will take them away with us.

We work with home and business owners around the metro Atlanta area. Besides our risk assessment services, we also provide stump removal and stump grinder services along tree removal services. We have a long list of satisfied customers from Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, Midtown, Emory and more.

Peachtree Tree Service will always take care of your property and conduct stump removal with minimum impact or even no impact to existing lawn. We work fast and after the stump has been removed, you can start landscaping instantly!

No matter if you wish to enhance the value of your property or simply to make it safer, we have the knowledge and equipment to make it happen. Call the Peachtree Tree Service Tree Grinding and Stump Removal team today at 770-845-1975, and let’s start work.