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emergency tree services Atlanta, tree removal AtlantaSome tourists come to Atlanta and call it the city of trees. In fact, trees are part of our Southern heritage, but when storms hit Atlanta, it can wreak havoc with our trees. Few things are more discouraging that tree damage. That’s why you need a tree service you can trust.

Whether you need emergency tree services or you just need someone to come to your home or business and give you an idea about the potential risks one of your trees may pose to your home or business, Peachtree Tree Service has the expertise you need. We have trained arborists on staff that can provide a tree risk assessment as well as provide an array of tree services.

Emergency Tree Removal

tree services near me Atlanta, tree removal services AtlantaFew things can be more horrifying than finding a tree that’s crashed through your home or business. That’s when you need a tree service that’s affordable, honest and will work quickly to remove the tree. That’s Peachtree Tree Service.

From the very first phone call, our staff understands what you need. You’ll see how we set a tone of excellence in our customer service. We provide our customers with an honest assessment of the situation and what it will take to remove the tree. We’ll also strategize with you about how to handle rebuilding your home again.

Arborists & Tree Risk Assessments

As wonderful has our trees are in Atlanta, there are certainly times when trees become somewhat of a threat to our homes or businesses. For anyone who is concerned about the possibility of a tree doing damage to their property, we have experienced arborists who can come out and provide a tree risk assessment. Our arborists will tell you about the health of your trees and help you develop an appropriate plan for how to keep your home or business safe.

Tree Removal Is Not A DIY Project

tree services Decatur, stump grinder BuckheadOnce you decide that a tree needs to be removed, it’s important to leave this work to the professionals. Trying to take down a large tree yourself is a great way to end up on YouTube or America’s Funniest Video. We’ve seen far too many tree removal projects turn into emergency room visits or expensive home renovations when the tree comes down in exactly the wrong place. Call the tree experts at Peachtree Tree Service. We’ll take care of your trees like we live there.

Our job is simple- help you preserve the trees around you or remove them safely. We specialize in working with you to develop the right solution for your trees to fit your needs and budget. With our tree services, you can rest assured that your home and property are in great hands. Some tree removal companies leave a mess behind, but not us. We will complete our removal safely and your property will be cleaned immaculately when the job is done.

Stump Grinder

stump removal Decatur, stump removal Virginia HighlandOnce your trees are safely removed, no one wants an ugly stump left in the yard. We have a stump grinder that will not only get rid of your unsightly stump, but turn that stump into mulch for your yard.

Trying to remove a tree stump yourself can be incredibly difficult and sometimes dangerous. We’ll remove the stump up to a foot under the ground which is more than enough in most cases. We offer affordable rates for stump removal and will leave your lawn looking so much better after the stump is gone.

At Peachtree Tree Service, our techs are fully insured and bonded so when we come to your house, you can rest assured that we have exactly the right level of expertise your need to take care of your trees. We have a list of satisfied customers all around Atlanta including Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, Decatur and Midtown as well as other parts of the city.

When you need tree services in Decatur, call Peachtree Tree services today.